The purpose of this blog is to help inform the readers about important weather topics in the Pacific Northwest, as well as other interesting weather tidbits in such a way that everyone can understand. My goal is to help people learn something new about Meteorology with every blog.

“100% Chance of Me Telling You the Forecast”
— My Sweatshirt

About the Author

My name is Kelsie and I have been an avid weather enthusiast since I was a young child, after I overcame a huge fear of weather (primarily thunderstorms). This passion of weather fueled my desire to become a Meteorologist, which I successfully did in 2019. I graduated from University of Washington with my Bachelor’s Degree. My love for writing was rekindled during my internship with KOMO 4 News in the Fall of 2019. With both a love of weather and writing, I decided to start this blog.

Other Links

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