Sunny and Dry This Week… But Please Stay Home

This week, for the first time in forever (or so it seems), it should be dry and the sun should be out at times for much of Western Washington. But that doesn’t mean you should be going out to public parks and beaches to enjoy it.

The last time it got super nice, people flocked to parks and beaches, hardly taking any consideration for social distancing. Exhibit A:

Figure 1: Tweet originally found here

Please, for the sake of those around you (especially the most vulnerable), don’t do this. If you go outdoors, do not congregate in places with a lot of people (yes, that includes certain hiking trails). Try to stick with walks and bike rides around the neighborhood, always maintaining distance from others.

Okay, rant over (sorry about that).

It will be tempting at times to want to go out to these public places, though. Take a look at the daily temperatures at Paine Field in Everett according to the GFS (i.e. American) ensemble.

Figure 2: Temperature GFS Ensemble for KPAE

Much of the week will see highs in the mid-to-upper 50s, while the low 60s are possible by the end of the week. For native Washingtonians like me, that is almost t-shirt weather. The European model doesn’t show temperatures quite as warm, but are still in the mid-to-upper 50s. Temperatures closer to Seattle and Sea-Tac look to be a touch warmer than Everett, as shown below.

Figure 3: Temperature GFS Ensemble for KSEA

Not only is it supposed to be warmer, but it’s also supposed to be dry. Take a look at this:

Figure 4: 24-Hour Precipitation GFS Ensemble for KPAE
Figure 5: 24-Hour Precipitation GFS Ensemble for KSEA

All of the above GFS ensemble members are not showing the chance of rain until Saturday… BUT, there’s still plenty of time for that to change in the coming days.

Even though it’ll be warmer and dry, it won’t be 100% sunny the whole week. Expect to see some cloudy to partly cloudy skies at times; but don’t worry–we should definitely see our fair share of sun. There will be plenty of opportunities to go outside for a walk or bike ride–again, keeping your distance from others!

This week, it’ll finally start to feel more like Spring after a stretch of below-normal temperatures. In this time of uncertainty, I know it will lift the moods of many people. Just like the sun always eventually comes out, even after the darkest of days, we will eventually get through this.

In the meantime, I hope you stay safe and healthy.



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